StudioStyleTM HA80

Extremely Flexible & Cost Efficient


The StudioStyleTM HA80 is a small manually operated

horizontal arm measuring machine, which is designed to be extremely flexible, easy to use and low in cost.


The StudioStyleTM HA80 is typically used for the measurement of pressings, forgings, moldings and manipulated tube, normally used in first off inspection and production inspection areas.





StudioStyle TM HA80 Benefits


  • Ease of use
  • Less software training required
  • Less servicing
  • Rigid yet light in it’s operation
  • Designed to cope with busy production & inspection areas

StudioStyle TM HA80 features:


High precision recirculating cross roller design

Design locks

Fine drive technology

State of the art Studio Tools software package

Software Options


       ITP Studio Tools



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