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ITP Group specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke measurement and styling equipment for a multitude of industries including automotive, aerospace and nuclear.


With over 40 years production history, ITP Group have gained a prestigious reputation for the design and build of custom made machinery and software for measurement and styling applications.  ITP Group Ltd have had considerable success in the design and manufacture of machines and systems that do not come into the categories covered by standard machines.


ITP have had particular notable achievements in the design and manufacture of a number of multi axis production machinery,  where a standard solution to the requirement was and is not available.


We have successfully manufactured CNC machines with thirteen axis of movement and axis lengths in excess of 50 metres.


ITP Group have in-house manufacturing and production facilities as well as complete design capabilities in electronics, mechanics and software. All of these facilities are available for the solving of individual measurement, styling and machining problems.  Our manufacturing facility has the capacity for machining single items up-to 6m x 3m x 2.5m and for fabricating technical components of up-to 5 tons.


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