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CMM Probes

ITP Group's probe system supplier of choice is Renishaw. Renishaw's CMM probes and probing systems have become the industry choice for rapid and accurate inspection. Renishaw's CMM probe systems are available in a wide variety of types to enable a best match for a particular application.

ITP Group Renishaw Changer Rack  Renishaw Changer Rack

Currently ITP Group are offering free Renishaw changer racks and probe modules with every new PH10 head purchased.

Although any Renishaw product can be supplied, ITP Group reccommend the following for standard applications:



  • Renishaw PH10M - Motorised indexing probe head with multi-wire autojoint probe mount (shank mount to CMM). Autochange and high torque capability
CMM Probe - Renishaw PH10M
  • Renishaw MIH - Manual indexing probe head with an autojoint (non multi-wire) probe mount. Designed for use with long probe extensionsfor larger components.
CMM Probe - Renishaw MIH


  • Renishaw MH20i - Manual indexing probe head with integral mount for TP20 stylus module – shank mount to CMM . Standard choice for manual operation.
CMM Probe - Renishaw MH20i


  • Renishaw MH8 - Manual indexing probe head with M8 probe mount (shank mount to CMM). Designed for use on small manual CMMs with short probe extensions.
CMM Probe - Renishaw MH8


  • Renishaw PH6 - Compact, fixed probe head with M8 probe mount (shank mount to CMM).
CMM Probe - Renishaw PH6


For further information on ITP Group CMM probe system solutions, or to obtain a full quotation, Contact ITP Group.

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