HA400 Mtower

Heavy Duty - Large Volume


Designed and built to machine tool principles, the HA400 Mtower

supplements the existing HA300 Mtower lightweight clay milling machine and is suitable for those who require a more robust milling machine for studio clay, foam and hard plastic milling.


The X axis is driven by helical rack & pinion and it has movement and cutting speeds of up to twelve meters per minute.


The unique HA400 Mtower is designed on machine tool principles, having recirculating ball linear guide ways and recirculating ball lead screws in the Y & Z axis.


Due to the rigidity of the construction, the HA400 Mtower is capable of delivering high material removal rates and a superior milled finish.


In addition, the HA400 Mtower can also be equipped with ITP’s standard motorised milling head, giving a five axis capability.




HA400 Mtower Benefits

Higher operating speeds

Higher material removal rate

Superior finish - due to extreme rigidity

Built to Machine Tool Principles

HA400 Mtower Features

High precision recirculating linear bearings

X & Z axis are driven by recirculating ball lead screws

X axis is driven by high precision ground helical rack & pinion

Available as; Full 5 axis or 3 plus 2 axis

Software Options


       ITP Studio Tools

       ITP Studio Mill



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