HA300 Mtower

CNC or Manually Controlled Medium Duty Horizontal Arm


Lighter in it’s construction than the HA400 Mtower. Designed to be a less obtrusive alternative within the design studio than its larger brother the HA400.


The horizontal arm of the HA300 Mtower is 200mm by 100mm. The column of the HA300 Mtower is 300mm by 200mm. The HA300 carries a counterbalance - enabling the HA300 Mtower to have a smaller section column. In addition the HA300 Mtower due to its counterbalance, can be utilised manually.






HA300 Mtower Benefits


       Less Obtrusive than HA400 Mtower

       Lighter in Construction than HA400 Mtower

       Smaller Section Column

       Can be Utilised Manually

HA300 Mtower features


High precision recirculating linear bearings

Y & Z axis driven by high precision ground rack & pinion

X axis driven by high precision ground helical rack & pinion

Available as; 3 axis or 3 plus 2 axis

Software Options


       ITP Studio Tools

       ITP Studio Mill



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