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Multi-Function Gantry CMM

The 3 axis gantry co-ordinate measuring machines manufactured by ITP Group can also be equipped for 5 axis light milling operations, ideal for economic prototype modelling covering a wide range of industrial and engineering products. The combination of precision measurement, production quality control and design function output makes these products star performers in today’s multi-function equipment market place.

Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

These machines, which are rugged enough for use in even harsh environments, provide the most competitively priced gantry system currently available, and can be supplied in a wide range of sizes ranging from:

  • X axis   1500 – 4000mm
  • Y axis   1500 – 12000mm
  • Z axis   1000 – 3000mm

Smaller machines are suitable for toolmakers and mould/pattern makers, with the larger machines having the capacity for full sized automotive vehicles, or other extended products up to 12 metres or more in length. Where used for the production of prototypes or models, 3 axis plus 2 axis manual milling of modelling boards, polystyrene, clay and light alloys can be successfully carried out from CAD/CAM design inputs. This can lead to considerable savings where typically the production of motor vehicle models can be undertaken in a matter of hours, compared to traditional hand crafted methods which can take several days for completion.

ITP Group gantry machines also provide high performance, reliable operation as co-ordinate measuring machines. These are precision products, incorporating stainless steel bearings, with mechanical counter balance and friction drives. They are equally at home in the workshop or standards room, with applications throughout industry. Construction is virtually all granite, with low expansion rates ensuring high accuracy, which is dependent upon the size of the machine but typically in the region of 10+ L/500.

The probe systems provided will support Renishaw PH10M, PHS1, SP600 and laser scanning, with Axel software as standard for geometric, surface and tubular inspection.

Unique features of the machine design result in high measuring accuracy. These include a Y axis movement equipped with twin scales, with interpolation used for precision quill position determination. Centre rather than side location of the Z axis quill mounted on the X axis cross beam provides greater rigidity which eliminates the effect of potential beam twist or deflection. Control is via a state-of-the-art 32-bit controller, which will support many different software packages including Windows 98 -2000 -, XP and NT. The machines also have a five year mechanical warranty and are supplied with a measurement health check facility.

For further information on ITP Group's measurement and inspection solutions, Contact ITP Group.